Cecilia Rose, The Centennial Year!

This site is dedicated to our mother and grandmother, Cecilia Rose Layer Currie Hemmer Beran who will turn 100 years old October 1, 2007. Why start so early? So we, her family, can take the time to post our thoughts and favorite memories of this extraordinary woman that connects us all to each other. Please, join with me as prepare for her centennial year which begins October 1, 2006.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Cecilia Rose by any other name...

Would still be our gal!

A couple of years ago, when I was expecting my Celia, I told someone that I was naming my baby after Gram...

"Ahhh, you are naming her Cecilia Rose!" I heard.

What? And that is how I heard the story for the first time...See Gram was originally named Cecilia Rose... She was baptised with that name, attended school, got married... all without realizing the mistake.

You see, her birth was recorded incorrectly... instead of being registered as Cecilia Rose... Niagara County had recorded her as Celia Rose.

There was never a problem...

Until she went to work for Harrisons...

They decided that she had to go by her "legal" name, Celia... and she has been Celia ever since.

Of course, I guess it figures that she had multiple names.. after all, we call her Grandma, Gram, Nanny, Nana and Nana B!


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