Cecilia Rose, The Centennial Year!

This site is dedicated to our mother and grandmother, Cecilia Rose Layer Currie Hemmer Beran who will turn 100 years old October 1, 2007. Why start so early? So we, her family, can take the time to post our thoughts and favorite memories of this extraordinary woman that connects us all to each other. Please, join with me as prepare for her centennial year which begins October 1, 2006.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

More pictures from Nanny's birthday weekend!

One More Nanny-ism!!!!!!

I'll always remember one thing that Nanny always says, when she wants to express that she's not so thrilled with you at the moment. She says, "I'm gonna trade you for a yellow dog, and shoot the dog!"


Friday, October 06, 2006

Mass on Sunday

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I think Janet speaks for us all!

Thank you to Aunt Pat for all she did in planning the mass at St. John’s Church and the luncheon at the Holiday Inn for Grandma’s 99th. The entire event was made special by her efforts and a very special thank you to her for treating all of us to the wonderful luncheon, the special birthday cakes (white and carrot) and a room full of love, laughter and tears as we celebrated the life of a truly remarkable woman.

Every time I thought about making an announcement to show my appreciation to Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom, the moment got away from me with trying to catch up with all the family and friends who attended the gala.

Thank you, Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom.

Love from your niece, Janet Moriarty

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saturday night is for kids!

Alex, Sophie, Elisabeth and Celia

Alex was showing me his toys... this is a super cool nerf rifle... Even I loved it.. you have to pump it up to make the rocket end shoot.. How cool is that!?

Celia, Sophie and Elisabeth on the swings!

Chloe, Kevin, Elaine and Pete

Rosie (in profile), Ellen (with her back to me), Alex (hidden and with his back to me) and Coreen

Celia and Elisabeth

I love this shot! Elisabeth in motion... or is it everyone else?

More Nanny sayings!

My favorite Nanny saying ( other than (wiping her nose) T'is notgonna rain- gonna be nice day!) my favorite say occured whan she came to visit us in Albuquerque. I was making her breakfast, and she was chiding ( nagging?) me about never coming to Buffalo(excuse me - LOCKPORT) to see her. As I sat the plate of English Muffins in front of her she said- "See ,if you stopped spending all your money on these english muffins, you'd have the money to visit!!" Well Nanny it must have worked- I've been to Buffalo 4 times this year!- Ellen

A Cecilia Rose by any other name...

Would still be our gal!

A couple of years ago, when I was expecting my Celia, I told someone that I was naming my baby after Gram...

"Ahhh, you are naming her Cecilia Rose!" I heard.

What? And that is how I heard the story for the first time...See Gram was originally named Cecilia Rose... She was baptised with that name, attended school, got married... all without realizing the mistake.

You see, her birth was recorded incorrectly... instead of being registered as Cecilia Rose... Niagara County had recorded her as Celia Rose.

There was never a problem...

Until she went to work for Harrisons...

They decided that she had to go by her "legal" name, Celia... and she has been Celia ever since.

Of course, I guess it figures that she had multiple names.. after all, we call her Grandma, Gram, Nanny, Nana and Nana B!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Grandma sayings....

From Janet:

Some of my favorite and fond phrases I hear Grandma say:

"I’m feefee", (meaning I'm sleepy)
"Yes, Ma’am",
"What are ya gonna do when they come for you?";
"Member?" (meaning remember),
"Mama said, gotta go, gotta go".
"They pay no patention" (meaning they pay no attention)

That’s all I can think of now.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mass Schedule

Aunt Pat has suggested that we all attend the noon mass at St. John's. I have arranged a small surprise that I hope will make Nanny happy. Afterwards, we will have lunch at a place to be named later!

We are coming to town!

Chloe and Pete, Kevin, Gretchen, Celia and Sophie will be in Lockport, September 30-October 2nd. We are staying at the Lockport Motel.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Grandma and Her Siblings

Also from the Olcott reunion....

Mary, Gus, Cecilia Rose, Bill and Ray

Nanny and most of her girls!

This is an older picture from our family reunion back in the '70s at Olcott Beach

Front Row: Cecilia Rose, George, Rosie
Middle Row: Chloe, Pat, Marnie, Dot
Back Row: Pete, Tom, John, Lee

missing: Helen